Saturday, June 6, 2009

Timeline of Life

It seems like forever since I've written, maybe that is because it has been. This world around me is forever changing... Time moves on whether, I want it to or not. Since my last post, a lot has happened, some good some not so good. Here's a list:

May 10: Jake starts another job with the same company he's been working for, just a different position but with more pay.

May 13: Heather's maternal grand mom passed away.

May 14: Our fourth year wedding anniversary; took Jesse to the vet, got my wheelchair fixed, and went to pay my respects to Heather's family. All, and all just another ordinary day (and part of me believes that's why anniversaries should be, partly because that's what marriage and life is about).

May 15: Get a call from mom saying she is not feeling well, is very dizzy, and that her kitchen table is so messy that she is going to make homemade soup, despite the world spinning around her. Call and checked on her four times throughout the day and night, she does not remember me calling at all.

May 16: Attend Heather's Grandmom's funeral, but decide not to go to the cemetery because it has been raining and all I know my chair will get stuck in the mud.

Between funeral and wake, I call mom and stop by to pick something up from the porch. She is still not feeling well and is very dizzy.

About thirty minutes later, mom calls and ask if we could take her to Patient First (urgent care) after we get done eating. Before we are done, mom's neighbor Sue calls and says that an ambulance is taking mom to the hospital.

2 PM - We go to the hospital, and beat the ambulance there (I find out later that it was because they could not stabilize her for transport). When I talk to mom, she is slurring her words, vomiting and dizzy.

Hours later they run a CAT scan, and it comes back clean, but they think she has had a stroke.

May 17: 1215 AM - Mom is safe in her hospital bed, on the heart unit and we finally come home for the night.

I return to the hospital in the morning and stay till late at night. Nothings new. It's Sunday. Hospitals do nothing on Sundays. Dizziness and vomiting continue. I inquire why mom's on the heart unit. They say it's because she has a heart memoir (which we've known for years) and memoirs can cause blood clots, which then can cause strokes.

May 18: Mom still dizzy, but is able to keep down food.

May 19: They run an MRI and discover that mom has had several mini strokes. They move he to the stroke unit.

May 20: Mom is released from hospital and told to follow up with her doctors. I meet with Mandy's mom and get pictures to do her memory boards from the memorial.

May 21: Start on the memory pieces for Mandy. Very worried about mom.

May 22: Scrapping the memory board, pull an all nighter.

May 23: Exactly one month after Mandy dies, I attend Mandy's memorial.

There is so much more stuff that has happened, but that timeline gives you an idea of it mostly. The bottom line is, there is a lot going on, as always.

I'm just doing what I've learned works for me. Keeping the faith, positive thoughts, and many prayers... Because, in the end, everything happens for a reason & the way it is supposed to be.

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