Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Look, Fresh Start

As some of you have noticed, my blog is sporting a new look. I thought it was time to get a re-do, to reflect a little touch of me, be a little more personal, & in a sense, mirror the changes that are not only occurring in my life, but within with me.

I searched forever, or what seemed like forever, for the a blog designer that seemed to be a fit for me, researched, contacted, & questioned several people, none of which seemed right for me. Except one.

I chose Jennisa from Once Upon a Blog Design Shoppe, & I couldn't be more elated with the result! She was very easy to talk to, patient & extremely accommodating. I knew nothing about what I wanted or didn't want, but she knew what questions to ask & how to turn my answers into something so beautiful that truly reflected me. Without question, I will return to her with all of my future designing needs. So, if you are looking for a blog makeover, make sure you stop by & give her a look.

Oh, and I must mention, she is so talented & a true joy to work with that she was on the news just yesterday. If you would like to see the piece that her local news ran, you can view it here.

It's funny how things wind up with perfect timing. How things that seem to be totally unrelated end up being connected in some way. There's nothing like getting a new look & fresh start both on the inside & out.
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