Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On The Verge

Again, I find myself on the verge of change. Don't they say that nothing is constant but change? If they don't, they should. Whoever "they" is anyway.

On Monday nights, I take a class at my church on learning a very specific counseling technique based on prayer & living in the truth. It's difficult to explain in general, but I would be willing to talk to you about it if it intrigues you or if you desire to know more about it. Just e-mail me: you can find my email on the right side of the page.

I digress - bc of taking this class, I have a lot of old stuff stirred up, stuff that I believed that was done & dealt with. Although it will not be forced, I have opportunity to get counseling myself. The thing is that (eventually) it would require my to go to some VERY dark places; places that I would rather not be talked about.

Truthfully, it's not talking about them that bothers me, but I know that in order for this technique to work, I have to face raw, intense emotion that will be intensified to say the least. However, when it's over, I'll have a peace that I've never known. A true healing.

How do I know? Bc I know people that have done it & are better for it. I know that I eventually will do it, but I am scared. Scared of what? I don't know exactly. I've been having trouble naming what it is exactly. Maybe I'm scared of the unknown.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has brought me to this place on purpose. This is where I need to be. Now, I just have to be brave enough to take the plunge. I think I'll pray for the courage in the meantime.
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  1. I am praying for courage for you! I am pro-counseling, since I am a Christian Counselor myself. You can do it! When God is for you, who can be against you?


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