Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I started out tired and emotionally drained, and remained that way well into the night. Yesterday, was Father's Day, but that was just a technicality, as that had nothing to with my mood or how I was feeling. I spent the day with Jake and Mike, starting at church & ending way too late.

We got lost on the way back from church in the attempt to find a Target, without the GPS that Jake always leaves home (if only I could convince him to always take it with him). Of all places to end up that day, We end up at Mandy's Target, which led me to to ball in the parking lot, with body jerking sobs, something that does not happen often, and rarely in front of people.

The truth is, I got a lot going on. I'm very worried, for reasons that I chose not go into at this point, about many people in my life. I'm choosing to not name them for both their privacy and mine.

I will mention one though, one of my best friend's Rachel, who has Crohn's Disease, is in JHH. Right now, they are not sure what is happening, only that she has lost 11 pounds in a little over a week and they are very concerned. Just know that that there are many in need of prayer and positive thoughts right now, so if you believe please lift them up.

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