Thursday, September 30, 2010

Standing In Awe At Her Light

Dear Theresa,

You are such a phenomenal woman. Sometimes I just sit back & watch you & I'm in awe. I watch as in this past year you have lost everything: your mom, your business, a relationship & the home & family that you had created for yourself. Your whole entire life is in upheaval right now, & as someone who loves you, it is so difficult to watch.

Theresa & Me Mother's Day 2010 Cropped & Texted (4X6) @ WM

With everything you are going through, it just amazes me to see the light that radiates within you. Oh, how God has touched you with His beautiful light & it shines so bright. Your strength is incredible to witness, as I know, without doubt, that others in your situations have not been so strong & quite honestly - who would blame them?

As your friend, I feel privilege to witness this journey you are on. I know that God has an incredible plan for you, & His plan is far greater than both of us could ever truly imagine. I know first hand how difficult it is to trust God, especially in such low times, but I also know that it is in times of great difficulty that God loves us more (if that is even possible).

Watching you shine in these dark times makes me smile. My life is so much more blessed bc you are in it. I love being around you bc being around you is so easy do. Your energy, light & love are infectious. And, quite honestly, every time I talk to you or see you, I am always left in a better place, even if the place you found me in was great.

Theresa & Me 7.24.10 @WM

I want to thank you for being such an incredible friend to me. You have stood by me in my darkest times - showing up automatically without being asked. Holding my hand, standing by me, giving me hugs & loving me through my own difficult times, even when it is hard for you to do.

You have even crossed bridges for me. Now, that's amazing! {:)

So, yes - I know He has plans for us. Just like I know that he smiled upon us the day we became friends. Who knew that a class that we both began over a year & a half ago would have such an amazing impact on our lives not just by the simple nature of the class, but bc that is where our friendship began?

And that our friendship would grow over over months, thousands of miles apart, thousands of text & many well wishes & prayers? And isn't it just amazing, by the looks of it, that God can change our oustides to match who we truly are on the inside? How He can transform us through our hard work, our struggles & bless us beyond our dreams.

Theresa & Me 9.27.10 @WM

So, my friend, I thank you. For everything you have done for me. For loving me. For blessing me. For letting me love you & your family. Thank you for being my best friend & standing by me through it all.

I love you. Always.
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