Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Focus

The truth is this - there are reasons that I have been MIA. Lots of them.

Have you ever had moments were something hits you & everything makes sense? I've been taking time off from blogging to refocus. Yes, there had been times where I desperately needed to blog. Just let it all out, but I resisted.

Sure, I've wanted to write things, catch up with what's been going on. But the truth is, I so desperately needed to reconnect. Reaching out to those I love & having them reach back.

My days missing have been filled with family & friends. Spending time with them & truly connecting with one another, having quality time & making it count. If it's one thing I have learned through loss & grieving it's there is no second chances. This is it. Make it count.

We've been spending time with old friends...

Ansley & Me April 2010 @WM
Ansley & Me, 4.11.2010

Reconnecting with those we haven't seen in forever...

Theresa & Me Mother's Day 2010 @WM
Me & Theresa, Mother's Day 2010

Making new friends...

Lisa S & Me 4.30.2010 @WM
My Friend, Lisa & Me, 4.30.2010

Helping coach Jason's T-Ball team...

T-Ball Jake & Jason - Cropped @WM
Jake & Jason 5.1.2010

And hanging out on the field...

Jason & Me 5.6.2010 @ WM
Jason & Me, 5.6.2010

Simply spending time with those whom we love...

Mom, Jake & Me Mothers Day 2010 @WM
Mom, Jake & Me, Mother's Day 2010

Bringing it all into focus - making it all crystal clear.

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  1. Good for you. I know that I need to do that. I need to walk away from here. I am feeling overwhelmed each day, doing nothing else to enjoy my life and life is to short. Looks like it was wonderful to connect.


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