Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Around The Corner

It is cold & damp here. Summer is gone & fall has arrived. It's been raining on & off & on again for what seems like weeks. As always with me, accompanying the rain is pain. It's one of the perks of having CP. Yipee.

I hate complaining - really; however the pain (and lack of periods of relief) complicates even the smallest efforts (like say for example trying to stay positive) more difficult.

I - we - missed church once again. This time bc of my pain. While I don't believe one has to attend church to have a relationship with God, there is no denying that attending church fills a need in me - a need for fellowship. I crave the connection, especially now.

Being honest, these last couple of weeks have been difficult. I have been going through some things & have been more to myself then usual. Things I do not wish to go into at the moment.

Sometimes, I feel like I only get by on a wing & a prayer. Treading water so I don't drown. History has taught me that when I feel like this, hang in there, bc relief has to be just around the corner.
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  1. I totally agree, sometimes the valleys are really low, but the peaks are super high! Sending you encouragement!

  2. I'm so sorry. I have severe asthma and a good day is breathing and maybe being able to do some laundry without getting winded. Oh how I miss doing other things. It's hard to be in a body that can't do what your mind wants to do.
    I get down allot. I am thankful blogging, it's only been six months but it has brought allot of happiness to my life. I have to push to get out of the house and that helps. I will pray for your comfort and send you some hugs.
    ((HUGS~HUGS~HUGS)) :)


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