Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday: Praying for Stellan

This was supposed to be another Not Me! Monday post; however it is now:

It seems so fitting since Stellan & his charming family need our prayers, and his mom is the one who started Not Me Monday to begin with. I've been following Mckmama's updates on her blog, but the better way to get updated with the latest news is to follow her on twitter, which of course I'm doing.

My heart just breaks for Stellan. From what I can gather he is in heart failure and his kidney's are failing as well. But there is hope. There has to be. They are making plans to air lift him to Boston. I do not know what they are going to do with him there but, logic tells me they would not have moving him as a option if there was not some POSITIVE reason to do so.

I pray that Stellan's heart finds a normal beat again. I pray that Mckmama and the family get the answers, comfort, rest, & whatever else they need at this moment. I pray that the doctors & nurses have the wisdom to find the treatments and solutions they need to get Stellan and his family through this.

I also pray that those same people believe in prayer and miracles too, bc I know I believe.

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