Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Now

It is rainy & dreary. Although there is much to share, I am too tired to do a blog post. It's one of those just let me crawl back in bed, pull the covers over me & shut out the world days, which is not a bad idea since I had such a bad night of unrestful sleep.

There are many things to catch you up on: T-Ball, Fencing, Mandy & Momma Dawne, Theresa & her mom, spending time with love ones, Jake & I spending time with each other... Daily life things.

All of which will remain unblogged. At least for now. My warm inviting bed is calling & I need to rest. Oh, how I need to rest.
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  1. Marriage, definitely not a strong point for me. So I won't even offer up any advice on this one. Just a prayer that you both stay strong for each other.

  2. I have these kinds of days all the time. So much to say with such little time. Rest up, it's vital!


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