Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 1

So, I figured while this historical blizzard is happening, I should take sometime to document Round 1, since Round 2 is due here any second. That's right, on top of the 30" that our neighborhood has already gotten (as reported by the official local news' website), we are due to get an additional 10-20" starting again sometime this late afternoon to early evening.

DSC00603 @WMjpg

There's not much yard for him to explore. And he's a lot quicker to come in from the cold now. Jake said that last night he took off out of the back door so fast that when he went to stop, he slide on the ice three feet & into the side of a mountain of snow. Man, would I love to have pictures of that.

DSC00592 FS @WM

There are signs of the conditions all around us, from a pile of boots to a pile of salt left in the midst of a finally plowed street.

Salt Pile @WM

Our front yard, has been overtaken, with only paths that lead out & in again.

DSC00608 @WM

But perhaps the most astonishing is the sheer size of the snow drifts & mounds of snow that exists... well, everywhere. Why? Bc there is just no where else for it to go.

DSC00610 @WM

It makes me wonder just what Round 2 will be like... In fact, Jake just got home from work & came in the front door, "It's snowing right now... It just started. As soon as I pulled up out front. It started falling."

Guess, I won't have to wait too long to find out.

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  1. At least you got outside to enjoy it a bit! I got out today, but not for fun in the snow. I changed my OB appt from Thursday to today because I know I'd never make it and they'd be closed anyway! Loving the pics!

  2. That is allot of snow. Stay warm and cozy.
    I need to take my Skye to see some snow, I bet she would have a ball.

  3. Wow. We got some but not that much.


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