Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Year

One Year. 108 Post. 19 Followers later.

Yes, I started this blog, 365 days ago today. Without knowing me it, God had put me on this this path to the amazing journey & (I believe) I was lead to journal it all here. On this very public blog.

Believe it or not, it was not my intention to be out there publicly, with all my thoughts & feelings. To confess my down falls, struggles, & flaws. To admit the questions, pain, & heartache I have. To share my wishes, wants & desires. Yet, this is where I am.

The truth is, I did not start this blog for any other reason than to purge, sort out & explore the things that made me - well, me. This blog, was & always has been for my benefit. And no one else's.

Did I know I was about to face such difficult trials? No. That I was about to lose my best friend & others whom I love? That my mom would have strokes & my dad such great health concern. No.

Or that I would strive so hard to be authentic & a better me. Not only admitting to my struggles as a wife & person, but as a Christian? That I would have such a burning desire & deep need to live within the truth? Rather than to hide in the darkness. Nope. I didn't know that either.

But it's all here. Written in these pages. One entry at a time.

I will forever be grateful for the journey that I am on. And forever be grateful to have this blog to use to my benefit. Bc, in the end, I know there is a plan - a greater purpose. And what a shame it would be to not have something to look back on to see just how far I have come - to be who I truly was meant to be.
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  1. Shannon...thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us. I love the idea of "purging". I've thought many times how my blog has become my healing through our crazy journey. And connecting with beautiful other hearts out there...like you.


    I hope this year brings even more growth...for us both.


  2. Congratulations! I know you have grown through this process and God is so awesome.


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