Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Journey

I recently wrote a friend & said, "I have learned that the great things in life that make the biggest impacts are not always easy nor or they simple. And I truly believe it is the journey that we go on along the way that makes us who we are."

True life, real life, is about how we live. You know - when we stop going through the motions, stop existing & start living. It's not an easy task, to live. It's much easier to just be alive, but that is not who we were meant to be. We were meant to be more.

We were created to feel, to be real with one another - open & honest, to trust, to love, to be human. Every one's journey is different - some more difficult than others. Who am I to say mine is more difficult than yours or vice versa?

Life - REAL life - is difficult. Lessons learned are hard. So realize as you are on your journey, I'm on my own too. And I hope that that you, too, no matter how difficult are living & not just alive.

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  1. I see that more each day. Our journeys can be very painful yet I am thankful. I cannot and will not judge someone else on their pain and their journey. Mine is real and painful to me.
    To others it may seem like a piece of cake.
    Take care & God bless. ((HUGS))

  2. this is a great post!
    very true and inspiring...

  3. I find this true also. I'm thankful for what God has put me through also even though it hurt so bad at the time. I love that song, Bring The Rain although it would be nice not to have any it is neat to see how God is glorified and how he changes us. You are inspiring.

  4. thank you for writing this, it really touched me.


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