Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update: Taking Flight & Staying Grounded

Yesterday, my Dad had the heart surgery - an ablation - that he needed to stop his heart from going into VT. The doctors seem very pleased with the results. And I'll be happy if he never sees that rhythm again.

Believe it or not, he was doing so well they released him today. So Jake & I picked him up from the hospital & took him home tonight. Hopefully, he will continue getting better & continue to get the much needed rest he needs (truly believing that at home is where the real healing begins).

People ask me time & again, how I'm getting through this and the answer is always the same: with faith that things will turn out how they are meant to be. Now, I just need to continue having the same faith.

Dad will always be - well, Dad. He will make his own mind up about things, be stubborn, strong willed & a fighter no matter what. That can be both a good & bad thing.

He has made it all too painfully clear to me, by both his words & actions that he will continue to live as he always has, & no matter how bad it gets (& how much the doctors warn & I plea) he will continue to drink & smoke - much to my dismay & disappointment.

While I am overjoyed that he is feeling much better & came through this crisis, part of me is heartbroken too. I truly love my Dad & would love nothing more but to have him a part of my life for as long as God allows.

Ideally, I would love him to be a big part of my children's lives too. And since we have no children yet, I realize that this may be too much to ask & something that may never happen.

But for now, I will just give thanks. Thanks to my friends who are supportive & genuinely care, thanks for all the prayers, thanks for God for not only bringing me to this, but through it. And most of all, thanks to God again for letting me have more time with my dad - no matter how long that may be.
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  1. I am happy to hear that your Dad is doing well.
    It would be nice if this would have scared the crap out of him getting him to quit!

    I have an award for you so stop on over and get it.


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