Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This is my first Not Me! Blog. Here it goes...

I am not getting tired of pushing myself in this manual chair waiting for the parts to come in for my power chair. I am not annoyed that Invacare just got the order Thursday and that shipment of all my parts should be shipped today, even though the parts should have been ordered almost 3 weeks ago. No, NOT ME!

Yesterday, I did not arrive a half late to church, then head to target to get a gift card for my friend Kimba, the stop in this christian store that we never saw before; ran it this heatlth lady there, she talked about having a good poo, bought some ground flax seed - spending some money we really didn't have. Then I did not go to Babies R Us to look around (don't ask, really - don't ask), and become fasinated watching my husband fittle around with the macanics of strollers. No, NOT ME!

Then, we did not drive over an hour to Kimba's BBQ to enjoy seeing her and meeting her dog, Cali, just to feel slightly out of place and to be reminded of just how old I really am... or is it how young everyone else is? No, NOT ME!

Then (yes, it gets even better), I did not see in the GPS that the bar that I met my dear feiends Mickii & Phyl at 12 years ago (through a camp outting to the bar when I was 21. And before you ask - Yes, they really do take a bunch of adults in wheelchairs or not, all of whom have some type of disablilty to a bar for a night of drinking - soda or otherwise, dancing and just plain fun) was only 20 miles away, and guilt my husband into (sorta) going to see if they were there; only because I've lost contact with them - their phone is disconnected, one got married, ect. I did not get there and the owner Suzie say

"Hey, Shannon! You're early!"


"You know camp's comming in tonight, right?"

"Oh, I didn't know. I came here to get in touch with Mickii & Phil because I lost contact with them."

I did not procede to sit down, order water and a tea. Then eventually a burger for me and a basket of fries for Jake. Allthewhile keeping the bill under 10 bucks, again, because we really didn't have money. Why do all the bills have to be do in the begining of the month? And did not ask for the bill, pay it then say goodbye to Suzie, for her to tell me that camp was unloading the van as we speak. Then I did not spend almost 2 hrs talking to people I haven't seen in forever and catching up with an old friend Sarah. Did I mention Jake had to work this morning? Finally leaving, to drive an hour and a half home and crawling into bed at 12:15 AM... No, NOT ME!


  1. Welcome to Not Me Monday! You have such a beautiful header picture. Did you take it yourself?

  2. That was fun. I keep thinking about joining too but haven't yet. Great job.


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