Thursday, August 12, 2010

In The Woods

Dear Friends,

Even though I am tired beyond belief, I wanted to take time & write you an update. Yesterday, Dad got transferred to JHH. This move was much faster than expected, but I learned that they want to operate on him tomorrow, if everything aligns in the universe right. If for some reason they can't do it tomorrow, Monday is a must.

Even though he is sicker than he has ever been, they want to remove his defibrillator unit as fast as possible to remove the original source of the infection. We are hoping that it is just the unit that is infected & not his heart, but seeing that the infection has spread to his bloodstream, they are doubtful.

Sometime during the night his defibrillator fired 9 times, so they quickly moved him to the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) & put him on more meds to help his heart stay out of the pesky VT rhythms that is causing the defibrillator to go off.

The doctors have been very honest to both my dad & me, if he survives the surgery, the recovery will be long & difficult. It will be quite awhile before anybody can safely say his is out of the woods.

I'm holding up okay. Although I am exhausted & at times, frustrated & scared. For the majority of the time though - at least while I'm at the hospital - I am good, pulling strength from places even I didn't know existed.

I am so very thankful for your well wishes, prayers & encouragement through phone calls, e-mails. text, & even comments on my blog. They mean more than you will ever know.

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