Thursday, December 24, 2009

On This Christmas Eve

It's after 9 at night & all the food is cooked. I'm doing my best to keep it all warm.

My dad & brother Lea & his family were due here over 2 hours ago. But life never goes as planned. Ever.

Lea's car, which is not really his car but my SIL's*, broke down on the way to get dad. Jake had to go get them all, which is quite a distance to travel. They are almost here, just minutes away.


In fact, I am just glad that I have a dad & family to spend Christmas with that I don't even care how late they are... they can be as late as they wish.

I'll still be waiting. Counting my blessings.
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  1. That's too bad :( hope it all worked out okay.
    We too had to wait on Christmas Day, our daughter is always late!! But I love my family and am thankful for all.


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