Thursday, November 26, 2009


On this day, I am thankful for:

A God the truly loves me unconditionally -
showing me grace & mercy daily;
A husband who loves me - even when I'm difficult to love;
A mom & dad who love me even though they don't love each other;
Two brothers who love me, each in their own way;
And friends that love & care about me -
some who have been there through it all.

A roof over our heads, & a house that is functional -
thanks to my father-in-law;
A warm bed to sleep in at night;
Clothes to wear - thanks to my mother;
And food to eat.

The cherished time spent with loved ones
Expecially those who are no longer here;
The fact that I was a part of their life -
More importantly that they were a part of mine;
And knowing that my life & who I am is forever altered
bc of them - no matter how long they were here.
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  1. I agree. It helps to write what we're thankful for instead of a long list of complaints.

    Wishing your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


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